Kathleen Wantuch

Hello and Welcome!! My name is Kathleen Wantuch; I am from Mishawaka, Indiana. I am a proud alum of Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. This eFolio will provide you with more information than a resume would, and it will allow you to see what all I accomplished during my four years at Holy Cross College.

Why Holy Cross? I chose Holy Cross because it seemed to be the best fit for me. Coming from a public high school, to a private college was a bit of a hard transition, but it really has benefited me more than I had ever imagined. What also drew me to Holy Cross was how unique it was compared to other campuses. The "Four Pillars," Service Learning, Internship, Global Perspectives, and the Capstone, really do make an individual well rounded, completing the image of a Liberal Arts Education.

I chose my theme to be a quote from Stephen Ambrose, "The past is a source of knowledge, the future is a source of hope. Love of the past implies faith in the future." I am an American History major at Holy Cross and Stephen Ambrose is a well known military historian; my favorite historian. This quote fits really well for me because, I can tell you the things that I have learned in my past, but I can also see how this will help my in my future, giving me hope and faith. Without attending Holy Cross College, I would not be the person I am today.

Please explore the links on the left to see what I have accomplished, and how it has given me hope and faith in the future, and why I love my past as much as I do.